A little bit about the stylists who bring you the VIP box!

The Makings of Style

Accessories have been described as an exclamation point to a woman’s outfit, as a woman’s armor, as vital as vitamins. And here’s one last one from us: Accessories are the key to a woman’s self-expression. It’s fairly obvious that we here at Cate & Chloe are in a long term love affair with jewelry of all kinds from classic to trendy to statement and beyond! We believe that jewelry transcends it’s material value, because self-expression is priceless! It’s difficult for the modern woman to stay on top of the ever changing and growing world of fashion accessories. Very few of us have time to shop for new accessories every time a new trend or style hits the streets. Out of this genuine love for jewelry combined with an understanding of how important accessories can be to women, the Cate & Chloe VIP program was born.

The C&C VIP program was created to give women a way to always stay on top of the trends, no matter how busy they are, and more ways to accessorize and express their individual style!